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VMWare vSphere Client does not like 90 degree portrait mode

December 18th, 2009 2 comments

I discovered today that VMWare vSphere Client Version 4.0.0 Build 162856 running on Windows 2003 32bit does not like the screen to be in portrait mode.  I witnessed some very strange behavior where regardless of what IP I plugged in (even and any made up credentials), the client would show “Connecting…” and the spinning icon would appear and the go away, username and password boxes would grey out, and it would proceed to hang.  Any mouse input would cause windows to append (Not Responding) in the title bar.  I finally did get it to connect to one of my servers, but some text labels were missing text.  I tried rebooting, updating windows update, etc.  The missing labels clued me into perhaps a problem with the video so I rotated my screen back to standard landscape mode and poof, problem solved.  Very odd!

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Virtual Dedupe Requires Workaround: OpenSolaris build 128a Kernel Panics on Boot in VMWare

December 4th, 2009 2 comments

I am super excited you can now download a compiled version of OpenSolaris that includes the new ZFS Dedupe support!  However when I went to try installing build 128a from GENUNIX, I found it kernel panic’d on both VMWare Workstation and ESXi 4.0.

A little googling and I found this bug and workaround:

6820576 Kernel panic when booting Nevada and OpenSolaris

 	When booting build 121 on a VMware guest instance, the system
 	may panic with the following function listed in the kernel
 	stack trace


 	Work-around: Boot with the "pcieb" driver disabled by editing
 	the GRUB "kernel$" entry.  This can be done interactively by
 	typing the character "e" when the GRUB menu appears and using
 	the arrows key to navigate to the "kernel$" entry.  Entering a
 	second "e" will allow one to append to the end of the line the
 	string " -B disable-pcieb=true".

 	To complete the boot, enter a carriage return followed by the
 	"b" character.

 	To make this change persistent, edit the file
 	/rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst and add the same string to the
 	appropriate "kernel$" entries.

That fixed the problem right up thankfully!

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