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New Application TuneWiz

January 11th, 2009 No comments

I’ve started a new project called TuneWiz.

Problem: I have a very specific way I  like to process and manage my music files.  I’m warming on the iTunes application, but it doesn’t always work very well with the way I like to manage my music.  My plan is to write an application to address the things that bother me.


  1. iTunes does not monitor folders.  If I add a new folder of music, I have to manually add it.
  2. If I move or delete files on disk, iTunes doesn’t remove them from the library.
  3. iTunes stores rating information in it’s database.  I’ve been using Windows Media Player for a while and it stores rating inforation in the mp3 files.  I prefer this method because I can easily move and share music between computers and the ratings go with it.


An application that integrates with iTunes.  Adds new files, removes orphans, and syncs rating in iTunes and id3v2 tags.  I have already written code to get comfortable with the iTunes COM interface as well as experiment with some implementation ideas.

Implementation Ideas:

  • One screen for finding orphan files
  • One screen for adding new files.  User adds folders to scan for files
  • One screen to sync rating information.
    • Sync behavior will be to take tracks rated in iTunes and save those ratings to files that are have no rating.
    • Sync behavior will also take files that have ratings and push those ratings to tracks without ratings in iTunes
    • If ratings exist in iTunes and on disk, user will be prompted which rating they want to keep
    • Future enhancement of sync behavior may include implementing a database to store historical information.  This would make rating conflicts easier to solve.

Other applications of note:

Some other applications already exist to do the things I want.  I am doing this as an exercise, but it’s worth noting other application that exist.

iTunes Library Updated – This application solves the first two problems, but it looks like the original developer isn’t sure he’s going to continue development.  It is a GPL project so source is available.

iTunes Folder Watch – This app also solves my first two problems.  It even has the ability to monitor folders.  No source is available.  Some features require a payed license.   Free version has a nag screen.

MusicBridge – This app solves the third problem.  It goes above and beyond and can sync more than just ratings.  No source is available, but app is free.

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App Idea: RSS De-duplicator

January 6th, 2009 No comments

I frequently think up ideas for applications and I’m going to start entering them here. I like brainstorming even if I don’t decide to pursue development.

Problem: I’ve used craigslist rss feeds to search for things I’m interested in for quite some time. Apartments, computer parts, etc. What drives me nuts is over-posters. The users who delete and repost their listing as much as every single day. Recently I experienced a case where the user used huge high resolution photos which were unnecessary for the junky old switch they were selling.  If I’m not interested in an item, I generally don’t want to see it again.

Solution: RSS De-duplicator

  • Multi-user application
  • Users create custom RSS proxy feed with applied de-duping filters
  • Feeds can be aggregate of multiple external feeds
  • New RSS feeds have configurable de-duping
    • Configurable time frame that determines how long to look for duplicates of each new post
    • Configurable thresh hold that assigns match status (IE 90% words and/or word order match)
  • Ability for users to review what has posts have been marked duplicates

Implementation thoughts:

  • A website would provide the control panel and RSS feed proxy
  • To avoid scraping sites too often, proxy would not not connect to external feeds, only local database cache
  • Service application scrapes configured sites on a schedule and stores feed information in database
  • Proxy RSS feeds generate filtered results from local database
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