smbsrv: [ID 421734 kern.notice] NOTICE: [domain\user]: shared share not found

I was doing some performance testing of my migrated Solaris 11 share from windows and it would never finish, always terminating at some point with windows popping up a dialog that said specified network share is no longer available.  On the Solaris box, this was showing up in the /var/adm/messages log:

smbsrv: [ID 421734 kern.notice] NOTICE: [domain\USER]: shared SHARE NOT found

Thankfully it didn’t take me too much searching to find satcat66’s post about the same topic.  In my case, my old server was offline, but I had created a DNS A record to point the old name to the new server in case I forgot to update a reference to the share somewhere.  Once I removed the alias, the performance test completes without error.

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